Jurgen Superga 

After meeting Mimi on several occasions at various social gatherings, I found out that she is a photographer, and that I was looking for a talented photographer to take some extraordinary photos of my automobile for me. I decided to give her a chance, and I quickly noticed that she is extremely talented,  and she has a very keen eye for colour, detail and photo orientation. 

Mimi is very patient and easy to work with, willing to try different ideas to getting the right combination of light, background and detail in every shot. 

We collaborated on a few other photo shoots using various models and different background settings, and once completed the photographs came out exceptional. 

I have no apprehensions and would highly recommend her for any personal or professional photography events or work.

Bert Superga 

I would like to thank Mimi for her photographic expertise in photographing my Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham. Her keen eye for detail and the choice locations of her choosing, to take the perfect photographs. 

Her photographic capabilities are above reproach. I was not hesitate to recommend Mimi for any photographic opportunity. Thank you very much for great work, it is very much appreciated.

Patricia Sears

I knew Mimi through Instagram, and admired her photography talent, before I came to know her in person and truly came to appreciate how gifted she is. She has a natural eye for composition, colour and light, but adds to this a desire to always learn, experiment and improve in her craft. She is as charming and refreshing a person as one could hope to meet, and her sincerity and warmth of personality make every interaction a pleasure. She led a doll photography workshop in my store and the participants loved her creativity and accessibility.

Zazoudolls Wigs 

We are so honored to have Mimib.dolls join us. Her beautiful photography and wonderful way with words are a perfect addition to the ZaZou Dolls team. If you are looking to grow your social media presence she is your person. 

Sarena Miller

We were looking for the right person to teach our diverse group of entrepreneurs how to use Instagram to market our businesses, many of whom were just launching their Instagram journey. We hired Mimi to give a hands-on Instagram workshop for The Women’s Entrepreneurial Exchange, and we are thrilled with the results! Mimi had the wonderful ability to connect with us as a group, as well as individually. Mimi was extremely knowledgeable, kind and understanding, she is in touch and at ease with what’s happening on Social Media; and with her patient teaching style, we were able to learn the more technical aspects of Instagram, as well as the Instagram-specific marketing ethos and culture. Each one of us left so much farther along and way more confident than when we entered the room! I would highly recommend Mimi to help any person or organization to build a strong Social foundation or presence!

Kim Vergil 

Mimi’s Instagrm course put me on the Instagram Map.  From zero to feeling comfortable to post every day, she was patient with my learning curve and walked me through the entire process step by step.  Then Mimi was always available to answer my questions once I was launched into the Instagram world.  I highly recommend her course and her wonderful personality.

Ilona Pal

In a matter of minutes Mimi pulled me out of the dark ages and into the world and wonders of Instagram. She is extremely well versed in how to use the technology and does so with ease and speed. It was extremely beneficial to me to learn from her as she skillfully navigated this popular and fascinating platform.

Kimberley Beyea

Mimi is very knowledgeable about social media and especially Instagram. She is very patient and great at explaining things clearly.

Lesia Prystupa ,  Atelier Jadelzodor

“Ever since I attended Mimi’s Instragram workshop I have a better understanding of this social media platform and how to use it. Today, the knowledge I gained through her session has allowed me to find a new way to reach my target audience and communicate with them! This information has turned out to be invaluable, Thank you Mimi for your insight!

Heather Boyd

I attribute much of my success on social media to Mimi. She was my original inspiration to start my YouTube channel which now has over 100K subscribers. We have done many collaboration videos and her sunny personality is always admired and appreciated. She shot my profile picture for YouTube which I use across my other social media platforms. Mimi continues to teach me about my camera settings and is my go-to person for any questions about photography. She also takes many photos for my comics and inspires my content with her quick wit. Mimi is a pleasure to work with and an excellent teacher. Her unique style of doll photography is beautiful and I love the way her photos tell a story.

I love Mimi’s floral photos. This collection is even more beautiful than the actual bouquet. Mimi helped me arrange the photos into the perfect composition. What a lovely souvenir of a gift from a special friend.